Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No time to sit down

Okay Sorry, but no pictures today. The past couple of days have flown by. Sunday my mom and dad came up to see Avery (we were supposed to put her swing set together, but our backyard was under water.). Avery enjoyed seeing them. She loves to play with playdough so she recruited my mom and dad to play with her. My dad started making "snakes" as Avery calls them. So then that was his job, until she go bored, to make snake after snake. My mom stopped playing for a minute and when Avery realized it she pointed to the playdough and said "Nonee play". She is defiently a little delegator, which is great if used correctly.
Then Monday we went to the zoo with my friend and her two boys (they are so cute). We are trying to go to the zoo as much as possible now, before it gets too hot. We really enjoyed. Avery is always wanting me to carry her. I would tell her she could either walk or sit in the stroller. She would walk, but she would go so slow that I would have to go and get her because she fell behind too far. That afternoon she took a nap!!!!
Tuesday we didn't do much. She had daycare so I ran some errands.
Wednesday we went to gym (normally we go on Friday but we are going to 1st Monday). She runs in and immediatly starts playing on things. She never gets involved in the warm up. She did ver well. They raised the balance beam up even higher and she had no problem doing it HERSELF. After lunch and room time we washed our dog Chloe. Chloe is a little baby!! She was just shaking like a leave in a hurricane. It was such a nice day there was no way she was cold. The water felt good to me and I am cold natured. She really didn't like it when Avery had the water hose. She would get right up next to me. Avery enjoyed washing Chloe. Then of course she turned her aim to me. At first it felt good because she was just getting my legs. Then she decided to get my whole body. I was wearing a white shirt so I decided it probably wasn't a good place to have a wet t-shrit contest on my drive way, so we went to the back yard and Avery played in the sprinkler. Not too much else is going on here. Everyone is doing great.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Avery swinging on the bars at "Avery Gym" she calls it.


Avery, Timothy and Cameron playing in the sand at Chloe's T-ball game.


Swimming, Swimming

Keeping up

It has been a little while since I updated what has been going on in our part of the world. Avery has decided she does not need naps period. We used to be able to transfer her from the carseat to the bed, but lately she wakes up within about 30 minutes and wants to play. We are working on having room time where she stays in her room for a certain amount of time to allow mommy time to get other things done. Avery is doing great. She is talking up a storm. The other day she wanted to watch Mickey and I told her that Mommy wanted to not have to clean the kitchen, but we don't always get what we want. A few minutes later she was sitting in her Mickey chair, looked at me and said "mommy clean kitchen, I watch Mickey" and gave me a big smile. I couldn't help but laugh. She is my delegator. She will be coloring and she will say "mommy color" and tell me what color to use. If we sit her down to eat and we are not eating she will say "mommy, daddy eat". Now when it is time to eat I tell Avery to get daddy. She runs through the house to chris and yells "daddy, daddy eat". The other day I was still cooking and Avery was impatiently waiting (she couldn't help because I was using the stove). She kept saying "eat time". Then she got in her booster chair and yelled "daddy eat time".
Avery loves to cook. Everytime I go into the kitchen or tell Avery I am about to cook she runs into the kitchen and says "Avery cook". She of course loves to eat the food as it is being made. The other day she was eating the sour cream off the spoon we had used!!! She just loves to do big girl things. She likes to go to the store with me and put things in the basket so I try to tell her what to get and then she gets them and puts them in the basket.
Now that it is getting warmer we have filled up a pool that Avery got for her birthday and let her play in it in the afternoon when it is warm. She loves it. When we first got in she looked around the pool and she said "Nonee, Popee pool big" (my parents have a big pool at their house so she was saying that their pool was bigger). I said Yes, but we can't have a pool that big. This is Avery's pool. So now she calls it Avery's pool. We put the slide she has in it. She loves to climb up it and slide down into the water. Then she got the bright idea to splash me. She thought that was pretty funny. She did the same thing with the water hose yesterday. She was literally chasing me with the water hose. She was having a blast.
Saturday we went to Avery's cousin's T-ball game. Of course she was not at all interested in the game, but had a ball with the sand with her other cousins. Then we went to The Little Gym. They had an open house so we went for a little while. When she hangs on the bars she calls it "monkey" so she will get to the bar and say "I monkey". She had fun running around playing. Then shey saw a picture of a baby and she said "baby" so I asked her if she was a baby. She said No, so I asked if she was a big girl and she shook her head yes. that is the first time she has actually said she was a big girl. It made me a little sad.
We are still trying to get her to say "I love you". She won't. I ask her if she loves Mommy, Daddy, etc. and she says "no". I am like one day you are going to tell me you love me!! She is so much fun right now. We are just having a blast with her. She definetly keeps our lives busy, but we would have it any other way.
Sorry this is long. It has been a while since I was on, but I will try to make a point to update more frequently. Chris and I are doing great. Not much else going on.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Avery and the Snake

At the zoo

the zoo

Chris and I just got back for a trip. We went to Mexico for a few days. It was a lot of fun. We just sat around at the beach and talked. We enjoyed it and it was much needed. Avery stayed with Nonee and Popee (my parents). When we got back Wednesday Avery wasn't sure what to do. She did not want me to let her go, but she wasn't extemely excited to see me either. I think she was worried that I would leave again. On the way home to Tyler she livined up. When we got home Avery ran into the house fell on the carpet in the living room and with a big happy sigh said "house". It was so cute. She was glad to be home.
The past few days we have just hung out a played. We went to Pump-it-up Thrusday (they have a bunch of moonwalk things there to jump on). Then today we went to the zoo. Avery loved it. Her favorite animals are elephants and snakes. Don't ask I don't know. As soon as we got into the zoo she was asking for the "baby elephant" (on the show Mickey Mouse they sometimes have a baby elephant). After we saw the elephants she wanted to see the snakes. She knows exactly were the snake building is. It is so funny to see her make a snake sound. She says "SSSSS' and shakes her whole body. It amazes me how much she knows and can understand. She is doing very well talking. She says 5 word sentences. She is really good at putting her words together. She is so much fun.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Checking Out

Avery working at the cash register.


Avery talking to someone.

The Magic School Bus

Watch out Avery's Driving!!!

There goes the money

The Funnel thing for the coins that Avery loved

Discovering New Things

Yesterday Avery was supposed to get her pictures made, but of course it rained. We went to The Disovery Science Place. Avery had a blast. There was one of those funnel things that you put coins in and watch them go around the funnel. Avery was fasinated. She got my wallet and was taking coins out and just dropping them (of course they did not do what she wanted them to do) so I showed her how to put the coin in the coin dropper to make it work. After that we went up this "mountain" were there was a bridge that shook to make an earthquak. Avery did not like it. She sat in th magic school bus, played with magnet and legos. We then went into the next room, which was basically a play town that the kids got to pretend and dress up in. There was a grocery store, fire truck, bank, bakery, vets office, newspaper stand, airplane, ambulance, baby nursery, dinner, theatre, and car repair store. Avery had a ball. She loved the grocery store and sitting in the car, but what she loved most of all was playing in the sand. Funny we have a sandbox at home, why that one was more interesting than all the other stuff I don't know. We were there for almost 2 hours. We had a blast. She was a little young for a lot of the stuff, but she had a ball.
The rest of the day we just played around the house and had fun. Avery still has a runny nose and cough, but she is doing a lot better than she was. We are having such a good time right now. We just enjoy doing things, ecspecially on the pretty days when we can go outside.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's an ongoing battle

I am so frustrated!!! It is the beginning of spring and our grass is barely growing. Everyone else's grass looks like it is really starting to take off. That's not all. What is green in our yard is WEEDS!!! Our yard is being overrun with weeds, ecspecially Crabgrass. I can't stand it. I know people drive by and say to themselves, Oh my gosh I cannot believe those people are not taking care of their yard. I truly am trying to get the weeds gone, but everyone says that I have to wait until the yard overtakes them because anything I put on the grass to kill the crabgrass would kill the grass as well. I knw God is just teaching me patience and to be content (even with something I don't like), but sometimes it is hard. Sometimes (like today) I want to just go out and pull up all the grass completley.
So that was my spill for the day. Avery is currently asleep. She is feeling much better. Monday we watched Mickey a lot because she was sick. She still has the cough, but with the medicine she is much better. My sister Mallory and her daughter Addie came over. It is nice to see her and spend time with her. Avery saw a baby the other day and said "addie". Then today we were getting ready to leave to eat with Mal and I said Avery do you want to eat with Aunt Mal and Addie. She looked at me smiled and said "Addie". Once we got to the resturaunt Avery saw Addie and she started jumping up and down squealing "Addie, Addie".
Not too much else is going on right now, but I'll keep you updated.