Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing Piano with Popee

Pics in Mommy's veil

The hats

Random pics

Both the girls reading


Dedicating my girls to God

August 16 we dedicated the girls to God publicly at Grace Community. We actually never dedicated Avery before. Not because we didn't want to we just never were involved in a specific church after Avery was born, but we always tried to live our lives and raise Avery to know God and to trust Him. Dedicating the girls is just a public decleration saying that we are going to try to raise our children in a Godly way, to love Him, trust Him, seek Him, and have a intimate relationship with Him and many other things. We have always done that (at least tried), but this was just us publicly saying that we know that we are blessed to have these children and that they are not ours to do with what we want but to raise them according to Gods wishes. Chris and I have been doing a lot of spiritual searching. We have become very involved in our church and are now seeking more of a relationship with God. So I guess in a sense we were dedicating ourselves to God again as well.