Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting a Lift

Avery saw an easter egg on the bird feeder. She couldn't reach it so she asked daddy to help her.

On a Hunt

We went Easter Egg Hunting at Avery's Mamaw's church. She got 23 eggs!! The basket is almost as big as she is! She had a blast though.

I Got One

Avery Hunting Easter Eggs at Nonee's and Popee's house.

Trying New Things

So here I go. I am not very good at sending pictures or keeping people up to date on my family's life. By the time I get my daughter down for bed I am not wanting to sit at the computer. I have a few friends that blog so I started thinking that would be a good, fun way to keep everyone up to date on our life. I have a lot of family that live farther away that we are not able to see very often so I was really going to try and start blogging. Then my older sister found out that her and her husband are moving to Spokane Washington!!! Okay, so now I really have to.
Here is my family. My husband Chris and I have been married for 4 years in June and have a beautiful 2 year old girl named Avery. She is such a joy to our lives. She learns something new everyday and teaches me something new everyday.
She just celebrated her 3rd Easter. This year she got to hunt easter eggs. She loved it. She would carry her basket around, see an egg, squeal and run and pick it up. She loved eating the candy and would have chocholate all over her mouth and hands. One time I told her that the piece of candy she had was her last piece. She just sucked on the chocolate. She would not eat it, so she really had chocholate all over her. We dyed easter eggs, but Avery was more fascinated with dying herself than the eggs. When she got a bath afterwards we had to let the water out and refill it because the water was so dirty.
She of couse is TWO and she definetly acts like it. She refuses to let us take pictures of her so all the pictures we have of our family she is screaming. She is in the mine stage so everything is "mine","my hair", "my body", "my cup", "my food" and in the do it myself stage. She say " I do it self" and will not let you help her no matter how long it takes.
This weekend she has been sick though. She has been runny a fever, runny nose and cough. Right now she is watching Mickey with a fever. I can tell she doesn't feel good. I wish there was something I could do. Even though she doesn't feel good she still will not let me cuddle with her. She has never been a cuddler.
So for now that is all. I will post more later.