Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at Nonee and Popee's

Who Needs Miseltoe

Christmas at G-mom


Christmas Morning

Christmas at Mi Mi's


Thanksgiving has come and went and yet again I have not kept up with my blog. My older sister came down for Thanksgiving and we spent the week with her and my brother-in-law. It is hard to be so far from them, but it sounds beautiful in Washington and they sound like they enjoy it. except for all this cold weather. Too cold for me. We will just have to visit them.
Christmas flew by. I cannot believe Christmas is already over. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving. Avery was a lot of fun this year. She really is starting get the Santa idea. She would tell us that santa was going to bring her presents, pink presents. If you asked her again she would say a dollhouse, piano, dolls, makeup. I guess she must have been very good this year becasue Santa brought all of those things. She went on the Polar Express train with Nonee and Popee. She loved it. She got to wear her PJs, drink hot choclate, sing Jingle Bells, see Santa, and then eat Pizza! She still talks about it. She didn't see the movie before she went but she did after and she connected some of it to what she did. Wen also went to Land of Lights (a big park filled with lights). Avery really enjoyed that too.
We celebrated Christmas with Chris's mom a couple of weeks before Christmas. She opened a few presents then she helped me open one of mine. It was money, but Avery was throwing the paper out of the bag and the money went with it. It was cute. We also told her that she didn't have anymore presents after opening a couple. She jumped down from her chair, said "Oh okay. Let's open my stuff". Of course she had more but it was cute.
Christmas Eve we went to the church service and then had dinner with my parents. We put out cookies, milk, and a letter for Santa and put magic reindeer food out for the reindeer. Christmas morning Avery was so excited she tore into her presents. As soon as we got done with one she would go to the next one. We went to Chris's dad's afterward, which was hard on Avery to leave all the presents she had just opened. We spent the day there and by the time we got home she was asleep so we put her in bed. At 3:30 she woke up ready to play with her toys. We finally got her to go back to sleep. We told her the sun was not up, when the sun was up she could play with her toys. At 8:30 she rolled over blinked her eyes and then shot up and said "the sun's up. I play with my toys" and jumped off the bed and ran to the living room.
Friday afternoon we went to my parents and had Christmas with them. Then extended family came down Saturday. Avery made a haul this year for Christmas. It is fun watching her get so excited about Christmas and presents and toys, but I also am trying hard to show and teach her the true meaning of Christmas. That God sent His Son to Earth to die for us. We would talk about it and read stories and things like that. I want her to enjoy Christmas and the gifts but I want her to know and live the meaning of Christmas.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trick or Treat

Nonee, Popee, Addie and Aver

Minne Mouse


Halloween finally got here and Avery was so excited. She had been looking forward to Halloween since the beginning of October. She decided that she didn't like being Little Mermaid (the costume hurt she said) so she became Minnie Mouse with Little Mermaid's crown. My parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece came over to go trick or treating. Avery was so excited. She had asked me the night before what I was going to be for Halloween so I told her "Little mermaid's mom". What about daddy? she asked. "He is going to be Little Mermaids daddy". She was satisfied with that. We began trick or treating at about 6:30. At first Avery wasn't sure exactly what to do. She would walk up to the door lightly knock on it and stand there when they answered. Then ask where are we going next? Soon she was running up to the houses, knocking really well and holding her bucket out and say "happy halloween" or "trick or treat". She had so much fun. There was only one house that she did not want to go to. It was very loud with flashing lights, etc. We talked to her and she said the house was scary. As we talked to her a little more about that it was pretend and not real she said the house was a kind of scary, then a little while later the house was a little scary. We got home and of course Avery wanted to eat her candy. She didn't go to sleep until very late that night.
Then on Sunday we went to Boo at the zoo. My sister, brother-in-law and niece went with us. Avery wanted to wear her princess dress up shoes. We let her, but she walked incredibly slow. Eventually she decided to ride in the stroller. Avery enjoyed going to the zoo with Addison. She calls her "my addison". She knows she is going to have a sister, but she calls addie her sister and told us that Peyton's room was Addison's room. So she does get the idea. She just thinks it is going to be like addison where she comes and goes. It will be interesting to see how she handles it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alto Fall Festival

Peyton on board

pics from the pumpkin patch

Daddy and his pumpkin

Going Off Road

Playing Catch up

okay so I have been really bad about updating. I have been so busy with Avery and getting things done that by the time I can get on the computer my husband is usually on and I just don't feel like it. So here is a quick update on everything since the last update. I went to the consingment sale a week after we found out we where having a girl and bought clothes for both my girls. I also bought a battery operated truck for Avery. She was excited about it, but she was concerned because there was no safety belt on it. We had to talk her into it being okay. Which is good that she wanted a safety belt on. She is a little to short still to really drive it real well. she has to sit on the very edge and she can barely get the gas. She also hasn't figured out the steering thing so she will be driving along and we have to steer her when she gets too close to something. She is really enjoying it though.
Avery has been excited about Halloween since we mentioned it at the end of September. She is Ariel the little mermaid for Halloween. She chose it herself. We asked her what she wanted to be and she said Little Mermaid. It is funny though because somebody will call her princess or monkey or something and she will tell you in a matter of fact voice "no I not princess (monkey or whatever) I'm Little Mermaid". She has a battery operated princess camera that talks when you take a "picture". The camera will say "you're as pretty as a princess" and she will tell it "I'm not a princess I'm little mermaid." It is cute. She is adoreable in her costume. We have a red wig but she won't wear it, but she is just as cute as she can be. We have gone to 2 halloween festival things so far. One in Alto with chris's family and the other with our church in Tyler. At the one in alto she wasn't too impressed with the games, but she did do them. She would walk up and place them where the bean bag, etc. needed to go. She didn't attempt to throw it. She had fun though. At the one in Tyler she didn't want to do the games at all. She just wanted the candy. We stood in line to play the games and Avery would get up to the front and just stand there. I had to tell her she had to play the game so she could get the candy. So she placed whatever on the table not even attempting. It was funny. She did like the fishing game. She actually tried to reel the "fish " in. She is so smart. She has never really been fishing but I guess she has seen it on Mickey. She also made a Hole in One at the golf game (with the help of mommy). I think that is pretty good because mommy can't play golf at all. So we did pretty good. We will go trick or treating on Friday.
We also went to the pumpkin patch. It was kind of quick. Avery was sleepy and it was hot. Avery wanted little pumpkins, but we couldn't find any so we finally just said Avery does this one look good. "yeah" and we would get it. She tried to pick them up but they were too big.
Avery now does the Hook'em Horns hand signal and says Hook'em Horns. It is so cute to here her say it. Sometimes it will be out of no where she says it. then of course sometimes we will try to get her to say or do it and she will say "NO not hook'em horns". The other day we were going to G-moms and we had to go to the house first to get clothes. As we pulled into to subdivision she said "I want to see G-mom". I said "we are but we have to go home and get clothes" She looked down and put her hand on her chest and said "I have clothes on". Then she also wanted milk to go to sleep with. I told her milk was for breakfast. She said "no milk is for sleeping. Chocolate milk is for breakfast."
My mom helped us plant a bunch of plants in our front yard this weekend. It looks so good. I can't wait until they grow some more and we are able to do the side of the house too since we have a corner lot. I just hope they do well. We have nothing but clay.
That is what we have been up to. I am doing well with the pregnancy. Peyton is moving all around and she doesn't have much room so sometimes it's uncomfortable. We can't wait to meet her (of course we can wait about 10 more weeks). Her room is coming together and I can't wait until it is completley done. It is so cute.
I will hoenslty try to do better!

Friday, September 5, 2008

belly at 20 weeks 4 days

Mommy and Avery

Boy or Girl

Tuesday September 2, 2008 was a big day for us. We got to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. We were so excited. We didn't care one way or the other as long as the baby was healthy. We got into the ultrasound and they said everything looks great. Then they told us that we were going to be having a girl!!! Wow we are going to have 2 Daughters!!! Little scary, but such a huge blessing that we are so thankful for. We were a little surprised we kind of thought we were haveing a boy, but girls are definetly great and fun so we were not at all upset to learn that Avery was going to have a sister, which is what she wanted anyway. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. My dad has 3 daughters and now he is going to have 3 granddaughters. He doesn't mind at all though, it's just kind of funny.
That evening we had a reveal party in which are families came over and we got to reveal to them whether we were having a girl or boy. We had everyone guess what we were having first. We tried to get Avery to tell them, but she didn't so I did. Everybody was happy. Having a girl does make it a little easier because I already know girls, we have all of Avery's old clothes and I already have the bedding picked out. Her name will be Peyton Alexis Winfield!!! We cannot wait to meet her, but I did tell her to stay in for about 18 more weeks and then make her appearance. We are truly blessed to be having our second child. It is such a miracle how babies come from nothing into this human being that is so complicated and so perfect. I think that that in it self proves there is a God. How could so many cells make exactly what they do? It is just amazing to me. I cannot wait to meet our little miracle. I am nervous about being a mommy of two, but I know with help we will make the transition.

The elephant

The Circus

Labor day my sister, Mallory, and I took Avery and Addison to the Shrine Circus that was in Tyler at the Oil Palace. I had been telling Avery about it. I told her she could ride an elephant. She really liked that idea. She came up with the idea that Addison could ride the horse. She would say "I ride elephant and Addie ride horse".
We got there about 30 minutes before the show started. Avery wasn't sure what to think about the clowns. They gave her a sticker and she kind of stepped back from them. We walked in and I think Avery was a little overwhelmed. She just stood their and wouldn't move. We saw the ponies that the children could ride (and when I say ponies they literally only com up to my waist). Avery said "No", but I walked her over anyways trying to talk her into it as we walked. She still didn't want to but I sat her on one of the horses any way. She clung to me. She had both her arms wrapped around my arm as tight as she could. I kept talking to her and telling her how the horse liked her, etc. Finally by the end she was sitting in the saddle straight and holding onto the saddle horn, but I don't think she was too upset about getting off either. We went and found some seats and sat down. Avery did not want to ride the elephant so we were just going to sit until the show started. All of a sudden Avery decided she wanted to ride the elephant. So Avery, Mommy and mommy's belly went and rode the elephant. As I sat on the elephant I just prayed that the elephant would not decide to listen to it's animal instincts. It was ironic becuase only the night before was I watching a show on animal planet called untamed and ucnut, where there was an elephant that went wild in a parade and killed his trainer and someone else. It was fun though. I had never ridden an elephant either so that was neat. The show finally started and Avery was glued to it. She watched it the entire time. Did not move hardly at all. I was a little surprised with how she liked it. When we were leaving Avery said "I want to go again" and almost everyday since she has said she wants to ride an elephant and go to the circus. She really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

cheesy face

Belly at 19 weeks

The Girls and baby

Minnie Mouse


Sorry I haven't written in a while. We have been super busy, but at the same time there is not too much new to tell. Avery is basically potty trained. We even go out in public to the restrooms. She has an occasional accident, but very few. She has not gone potty at daycare or while we are at church yet. She I guess just holds it because she does not have an accident she just doesn't go. We are anxiously awaiting Sept. 2 when we find out whether we are having a boy or girl. Avery says she is having a "baby sister" but I think she says that because she is a big sister. I asked her today if her baby sister was going to be a boy or a girl and she said boy. We will see. Not too much to really talk about. Avery is just growing everyday. She does the funniest things. She loves the Little Mermaid movie and we left it at Nonee and Popee's house so when we went there she immediatley wanted to watch it. Chris and I took her to Apple Swim and Fitness. She finally got to go down the slide. All summer she wanted to go down the slide but I told her daddy had to be with us. Chris went with us the other day and she immediatly wanted to go down the slide. Chris wanted to get used to the water. I looked at him and said "she has literally been waiting all summer for this" so he took her. She loved it. I wish I could have vidoed it. We are doing great. I think we are starting to wind down from the summer. Chris got a motorcycle. It scares me to death, but I have to put my trust in God. I am trying to be the supportive wife, but it is hard. I know Chris is a good driver it just still scares me. Well I will try to keep better updates. Oh I am definitly feeling the baby move and he or she moves a lot, much more than Avery ever did. I love being able to feel the baby move it is one of the most amazing feeling. and right now it is not strong enough to hurt.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Potty Training Diaries

So Avery is right under 2 1/2 and with a new baby on the way I have been anxiously waiting Avery to show signs of interest in potty training. A few months prior to this she was showing interest and I was extremly excited thinking that we were going to be out of diapers soon. She showed me. She went from sitting ont the potty, occasionally going, and telling me when she needed a diaper on. That all came to a scretching hault when one day she decided she was not going to sit on the potty any more. Nothing I did tempted her to get back on so I backed off it. Then she even stopped telling me when she needed to go. We went back to diapers. I think that we offered the diapers too much still so she decided it was easier to have the diapers on then worrying about when to go. A few months older now Avery still did not want to. Even when I would change her she would immediatly want the diaper on. 2 weeks ago I was sitting in her room and had just changed and just decided that we were going to completly take away diapers and just see what happens. She was not happy about it at first. Now she seems to be doing really well. We still have to work on going potty when we are outside our house. I am not holding my breath but I am hopeful that we may have a diaper break before then next baby gets here.

Monday, July 14, 2008


This past week we went to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. Chris's family has a family reunion every year there. It is a fun time, ecspecially now that we have Avery (well at least most of the time is fun). If we were awake and not eating we were at the Polywog Pond (kiddie area at Schlitterbahn). Avery loved it. Every time we would come off the slide she would immediatly say "again" and run back to the slide. There are a couple of different areas for the kiddie area. She had her favorite in the bigger kiddie area, a frog that was a slide and a turtle that you slide down the shell. She would go head first and come up smiling. She is a little water bug. The other area we spent a lot of time in at the kiddie area has several different small slides and water shooting out of the ground and a car wash. Avery could not decide which one she wanted to do. She would run to one, do it for a few times then go to another. All the kids were worn out every night. Of course my little one would not take a nap (no matter how hard we tried) and I think every night (we were there 4 nights) except one she went to sleep at about 11pm. Although she went to sleep late she did not wake up until about 8 to 8:30 which is amazing for her. I wish that would continue. Chloee, Timothy, and Cameron were there too so they all had fun together. Avery became Chloee's shadow (Chloee is about to turn 5). Avery would turn to Chloee and say "come on Chloee" or she would turn and wait for Chloee before getting in line. It was sweet Chloee would wait for Avery sometimes too. She would say "come on Avery" and Avery would say "I'm coming Chloee". She really enjoys playing with the kids. I enjoy because I am not having to be the source of entertainment. She enjoys playing with Cameron too (he is a month older than she is) so they have a lot of fun together, but I have really noticed that she hangs out more with Chloee. I think it is because Chloee is a girl. That amazes me that she already knows the difference because we have never said anything about that. We all had a blast. It was really fun to get a way and to visit with Chris's family. Next year should be interesting with a baby and a 3 year old. I can't believe it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our new baby

Healthy and Active

We had our first sonogram on 07-01-08. It was determined that we were 11 weeeks and 4 days that day and our due date is 01-16-09. He (I will just call him that because it is easier than writing he/she all the time, but we have no clue what we are having we will find out in September.) was a very active little one. He was flipping and kicking the entire time. It was so cute. Chris wants to call him Kermet because he kicked her legs and arms like a frog leaping. It is so amazing how he already looks just like a little baby and we are barely 12 weeks. How can you look at that pic and not say there is a God. We are so blessed and thankful that the Lord continues to bless us. There are hard times, but these times make it all worth it.
We showed Avery the picture of the sonogram and she said in a very serious voice "uh-oh what happened baby Avery" It was so cute. I explained to her it was just fuzzy and pointed to the hands, legs, head. Then she said "my baby". We had a picture that didn't turn out because they had run out of paper so we let Avery keep it. She felt very important. I really pray that we are able to give both our children the attention and make them feel secure. It is going to be an adjustment but I know with all of our friends, family, and of course God we will do it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008



The Completed Swing Set


Okay so those of you who have had to hear me complain about our swing set, sorry. But I is FINALLY done!!!! With the help of my parents, Chris, Chris's dad, brothers and a friend throught the process it is finally completed! Chris's dad and a friend came to our house and finished it while we were in OK. They probably got tired of listening to me talk about it :) Hey it got done though. I know I need to be patient, but 7 months for a swing set. Next time we will just pay for installation (hopefully there will not be a next time). We got home Sunday evening and it was done. Avery stood at the door and squealed "my swing, my swing". She was so excited that she had swings now. We went out and played for a while. She loved it. She really enjoyed the rocket swing (baby swing) because Chris would push her really high. Every night since we have gone out and played on it. We say we have to wait until the sun goes down. Now Avery looks outside and says "sun down". We are all so excited that it is done!!!


Popee and Avery





My grandparents (my dad's parent's) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday June 26 (that is also mine and Chris's 4th anniversary). So we went up the weekend before and celebrated with them. It was a long drive (about 6 hours), but Avery did really well. We watched Mickey mostly but played too. Chris, my dad, Avery and I all went together. It was cute when we were leaving Athens (we picked my dad up) we had already told Avery that Popee was going to ride with us, but when he got out to close the garage door Avery got very upset. She thought that he was leaving and not going with us. Then she later wanted my dad to draw pictures on one of those sketcher things (they use the magnetic pen and erase with the sliding knob). He gave her it back with a picture of "avery:. She drew on it and then said "looks better" and set it down like she was satisfied with the way it looked now. It was cute.
We finally got to the hotel at 11:30, but Avery was ready to use some energy and did not go to sleep until about 1:00 am. Saturday was the anniversary party so we ate breakfast and let Avery walk around the middle of the hotel (it has a small indoor Putt-Putt golf course). Avery loved walking on the green carpet. That is all she wanted to do. She would run to it and say "more green carpet". Then we went to the place where the party was going to be and helped a little. There was a stage there so of course Avery was preoccupied with that. Chris finally said no more so what does Avery do? Turns to her Aunt Mal and says "Aunt Mal stage" in a pittyful voice. Of course she gives in, but hey I will too when Addie starts calling me "Aunt Adie" heck I already give into her.
We had lunch and went back to the hotel. I took a nap real quick, of course Avery didn't. But then when we were getting dressed to leave Chris held her for 2 minutes and she was out. The child who never sleeps takes a nap all on her own today of all days. So we decided to leave Avery and daddy at the hotel with our car so they could come later.
Avery slept for about 2 1/2 hours, which is pretty long for her. The party was nice. It was nice getting to see the family. We don't get to see them much because we are all busy and scattered around.
After the party we went to the town park. They have a carousel there and a small train ride. Mal, Addie, Avery and I rhode the carousel. At first Avery did not want to ride the horse, but of course in the middle of it decides she wants to. So we go back and forth between the bench and horse. She enjoyed it though. Then my dad rhode with Avery and Mom rhode with Addie on the train. She enjoyed that too. Of course know when I tell her we are going to the park she will say "and ride horse". Then she played on the playground for a while.
Sunday my mom took Avery down to play golf for a few minutes (by the way she didn't go to sleep until 1am again!!). Then we went to see my Nana and Papa Bruce (my mom's mom) for a few minutes. They have a baby horse. I think Avery would have been more impressed if she was able to pet it. Of course she did tell daddy that she wanted to carry it home in the car and put in our backyard. Hey I am all for it. I love horses can't wait until the kids are older and I can get another one. My Gimpa and Granny (mom's dad) was out of town so we didn't get to see them. Then we got back in the car and drove home.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Swim Lessons

Avery started swim lessons on June 10. She is just a little over 2, but she loves the water. When we were at my parents the week before she was blowing bubbles, going under water for rings, and starting to kick. My side of the family (not sure about Chris's) were in the water from day one just about. We all were little water bugs so it was just natural to start Avery early.
The first day I was a little worried, she is 2 you never know which one of her personalities will show up. We did the safety talk and walked around the pool. We finally got in and the teacher wanted us to kick our legs (there were 2 other children in the pool that were around 3 1/2 to 4 so I was in the pool with Avery but the other mom's weren't since their kids were older). Avery did not want to do that. She fought and cried. She did not want to do anything. I was starting to think "Oh no she is not going to do anything". Then the teacher wanted them to blow bubbles in the water. That was the key! Avery immediatly stuck her whole face in the water and blew bubbles and continued. She loves to blow bubbles. That made her happy. It was funny she went from being the disrubtive student to the example (for that moment at least). At this age Avery has very little fear of things were as the older kids are a little more hesistant, which is good (since mine thinks that nothing is going to hurt her). The rest of the day was good.
So I not going to go through everyday because that would take too long. The swim lessons were Monday-Friday (1st week) and Mon-Thurs. (2nd week) an hour a day. Avery has really progressed. She now completley dives in and lets herself float. She was diving off the step the last day (now I have to teach her she is not super girl, yet she still needs help). She can float on her back for a few seconds and we put her under water and she kicks and paddles a little. She is doing great. I am so glad we did the class because it taught Avery a lot, but it also taught me what I should be doing with her. We are going to Schlitterbahn the middle of July so I am looking forward to putting a life jacket and taking her down some of the small rides. She is going to love it!!! She loves sliding into the water! I can't wait!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Little Gym

Avery loving on Addison

Officially a Doctor

Avery's Swimming Pool

The week of June 1 - June 6 Avery and I stayed at my parents because Amanda and Blake where there for the week before going back to Spokane for 5 years.
June 1 Chris and my dad got up at 4AM to go fishing. Have fun boys!!! Avery and I chose to sleep in until 8 (that is sleeping in in mommy world). We went swimming most of the day. Avery loves the water she is now starting to blow bubbles in the water. she will kick sometimes when we are carrying her and she will lay on her back briefly.
We had dinner one last time with our entire family:Mom, Dad, Amanda, Blake, Me, Chris, Avery, Mallory, Paul and Addison. It was nice to be together as a family again. Chris had to go back home to work.
The rest of the week was pretty much the same hanging out around the house and in the pool. Avery got really good in the pool. She completley puts her head under water, blows bubbles, can pick herself up when she falls underwater (they have a very shallow area in the pool which is great for Avery). She loved to blow bubbles with Aunt Meana. She would say "Aunt Meana blow bubbles" They would count to 3 and both blow bubbles. Then when she would leave Avery would yell "come back, come back meana". She also like for us to jump off the rock. "mommy turn jump off rock" she would say. We would stand on the rock and say count to 3. She would say 1, 2, 4. No matter how hard we tried to get her to say 3 she would say 4. I think now she thinks it's funny.
Avery loves being with Addison. She gets very concerned when she cries. She wants to check on her when she's asleep. She is already bossing her around. "I want Addie in toy" "I want Addie swim". It will be fun in a year when Addie is following behind Avery doing whatever Avery says. She will LOVE that.
Avery slept with me most the week just because it was easier. I am kind of paying for it, but not too bad. When it is time to go to sleep she says "I want Mommy sleep with Avery". That week she also decided to regress back to using baby spoons. Don't know she thinks it's fun. Addison doesn't use them so it's not because she sees Addie doing it. That is the only spoon she would eat with all week.
Thursday night we played games and celebrated my birthday. Friday we had a concert performed by Avery. She played (banged on the piano) singing at the top of her lungs "Mee mo mo" I don't know it most be a song she has learned somewhere because she stays in the same rhythym. Mom tried to take pictures and Avery screamed "NO"and put her hand up.
Then Amanda had to leave. I already miss her. It is going to be different not having her around. We are definetly going to have to go visit.

It's Doctor Now!!!

My brother-in-law did it. He graduated from medical school. He is now officially a Doctor!!!! Now I have another doctor I can bug with questions lol.
We left for Galveston on May 30 and finally got there about 4:00. We got into the hotel room and changed into our swim suits and headed across the street to the beach. Avery has been to the beach before, but not for a while. She loved it. She had no fear of it. I was surprised how far out she went. The waves would come and she would squeal and say "here it comes!", "nother wave". She didn't even mind the waves splashing her in the face. I was very impressed. She is a little water bug, but I thought the ocean might be too much for her. My younger sister and Addison went to the beach with us. Addie is about 6 months old, but she seemed to enjoy it too.
We didn't stay at the beach too long because we had reservations at 7:30 so we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up. Avery and Addie took a bath together (well Avery sat in the bath while we rinsed Addie off). We finally got to see the new doctor and his wife. We hadn't seen them since Easter. Avery still calls her Aunt Meana (Amanda) and Uncle Bake. She also calls Mallory Aunt Ma or Aunt Meow (don't ask how she came up with that name and if anyone needs to be called Aunt Meow it is Amanda, she's the crazy cat lady LOL).
We went to dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. Of course they sat us down right beside the silverware. Avery kept trying to go get more. My parents kept trying to get her to sit with them. She would have none of that. She wanted to sit on the other end next to baby Addie. After we ate she was getting restless so I took her outside where she proceeded to dance and walk up and down the train tracks (not used anymore) saying 1,2,4 (she skips 3, I don't know she learned 3, but now it is 1,2,4. Even when she counts 3 things it's 4 not 3). Amanda was brave she took Avery and Addison down the train tracks.
We got back to the hotel and Avery decided she was going to be a baby. She sat in Addison's car seat (head and legs sticking out) and then asked for a "flower" (pacifier). She got one and stuck in straight in her mouth. Chris then picked the carseat up with her in. She that was hilarious. She kept acting like a baby because she got attention. She was really cute though.
May 31 was Blake's graduation of course Avery didn't make it through the beginning. Daddy took her to the car and watched Mickey. We ate at The Spot were Avery took her shoes off and danced around the floor. Her feet where black, but she was happy.
We stopped at Chris's Aunt and Uncle's house on the way home. There two daughter, son-in-laws and grand daughter were there. Delaney (the baby) is about a month and a half old. She was precious. It was nice visiting with thme. Avery, daddy, and Uncle Robert went on the mule and looked around the property. Avery loved it. At one point the baby started to cry and Avery said "Baby crying" and stated that the baby needed a flower and nap.

Monday, May 19, 2008


While we were at the lake one of the men showed us a trick to get the worms to come out of the ground. You take two sticks and rub the together on the ground and the worms just pour out of the ground. It really worked. Within a couple of minutes we had a glass full of worms and there were still plenty more we could have gotten.