Monday, April 13, 2009

The family

Easter Eggs



As with every other holiday we celebrated Easter for a week. The weekend before Easter we had Easter at my parents house since Chris was going to be working Easter weekend. We went to our church's Easter thing, which was fun. We got to see some guys to those trick slam dunks with the trampolene. Then they had an Easter Egg Free For All becasue the just put the eggs on the football field, they weren't hidden. Avery did very good getting the eggs. We then went to Athens. We dyed Easter Eggs, which Avery enjoyed, but I don't think she was too impressed with it. Oh and the girls (Avery and Addison) decided to go swimming. My parents have a pool that has a very large really shallow end. so they were playing in that area. We couldn't believe it. The water was really cold, but neither one seemed to mind. Eventually they got out so we took off their panties and diaper only to have them get back in. Then they were running around the pool starke naked. They were so cute. It is so funny how most kids like to be naked. I guess it's from how we were meant to be until Adam and Eve ate the apple.
Sunday we went to church, then to lunch then went home and eventually hide Easter Eggs and let Avery and Addie hunt them. There were a ton of Easter Eggs. This year was the first year that the children (my sisters and I ) didn't get anything. We didn't even get to hunt easter eggs. I gues we are completley grown up. Avery had fun going through her eggs.
The Saturday before Easter Sunday we went to G-mom and G-dads and hunted easter eggs at their church. Then went to their house and had lunch then dyed easter eggs and hunted them. They also had fun jumping on the trampolene.
Sunday the Easter bunny came for both the girls. Avery enjoyed opening her presents and she opened Peytons and showed her. Then we went to church and then out to lunch. I put Peyton in the nursery for the first time, but it didn't last long. I am glad she is getting bigger, but I am also sad. I think it is harder this time because I realize how fast they do grow up. With Avery I was sad, but I just didn't realize how fast they grow. Chris rolls his eyes at me. I am so blessed to have a wonderful loving caring husband and two beautiful healthy girls. I think about Easter and about how God sent His Son to die for us. It just amazes me that He has that much love, mercy, grace, forgiveness. No matter what we do He will always forgive us. He always loves us and He never turns away from us or abandons us. Though through hard times we sometimes feel that He has left us. I know that He is there and He will carry you through it if you just trust in Him and lean on Him.

Visiting Family

A couple of weekends ago we went Oklahoma to visit family and show off Peyton. Chris, my dad, both girls and me went in our car. I sat between the 2 car seats (how fun). The girls really did well. Avery played for a while then we turned movies on for her and Peyton slept most of the time. We only had to stop twice for her to eat and one of those we ate also. The other times she woke up I would read stories, which Avery would want to see too so I was going back and forth to show the pictures. Avery would say "I want to see" when I was showing Peyton and Peyton would start kind of crying when I was showing Avery. I guess they are both going to be readers, which is great.
We lefted Athens at 3pm and got to my Nana's at 10pm. Avery had feel asleep so we just put her straight to bed in the room where my dad was sleeping. We visited for a while and then went to sleep. Amazingly Peyton went to sleep also.
Saturday morning we went to my dad's parents and visited with them. Showed off Peyton and then went and saw other family. Basically the whole weekend was full of seeing family. Both my parents are from Oklahoma so we made the rounds while we were up there. It as really nice to see everyone.
The girls did great on the way back also. We stopped in Dallas to eat and we saw an airplane, Avery said "I ride an airplane to see Aunt Meana and the cats. Nonee is at Aunt Meana's" and she was. My mom had gone to help my sister get things ready for my new niece that is due in August. We passed Six Flags and Avery said she wanted to ride those. So my dad said he and my mom would take her. Now she keeps asking when she is going to ride them.
It was a really good trip.

Avery on Wheels

First Bottle

Roller Blades

So it has been a fairly busy month with Chris getting a new job, Avery hitting the terrible threes and Peyton being awake more and wanting to be held and have mommy talk to her.
After Avery's birthday I got some rollerblades so I could exercise a little without having to go to the gym, plus our dog Chloe needs to loose some weight too. Of course as soon as Avery saw them she wanted some. We got her some from the money she got for her birthday. She actually did very well. I was very impressed, I think she did better than daddy. We found that holding her hand made her do worse then letting her go by herself. We started out just skating in the garage and eventually venturing out to the street, which was a sight in itself. Chris pushed Peyton in the stroller (in his roller blades, oh yes he got some too) and me skating beside Avery. The whole family was on wheels! We decided not to take Chloe yet. Peyton loved it. She would just watch Avery and smile so big. She already loves to watch Avery, she smiled and laughed at Avery before she did at daddy. The other day Chris threw Avery up in the air and Peyton just laughed. Avery loves the fact that she can make Peyton smile or laugh. It is really sweet to see the two of them, but I already know I am going to have my hands full once Peyton is crawling. Peyton will want to do everything Avery does and Avery will either encourage her and get themselves into things or she will get tired of her and be screaming for me to get Peyton.
Peyton also started occasionally taking the bottle, just when I am gone. The first time she "took" the bottle daddy tried to give it to her. I stood and watched (I wanted to see her first bottle experience). Peyton looked up at daddy then at me and she had this expression on her face like "why is mommy over there, and daddy is here and what is in my mouth". She didn't take it too well. She has gotten better but she still resists a little but eventually decides something is better than nothing.