Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Avery holding Peyton

Taking a nap

Peyton Alexis

My girls

A family of Four

So I haven't written in a little while, but I have been a little pre-occupied with my TWO Children!!! YAY! Peyton Alexis was born Tuesday Janurary 13, 2009 at 7:54 am weighing 8lbs 1 oz and 20 1/4 inches long. These past few weeks have gone by so fast. I can't believe I am a mother of 2. It is so amazing. I was really worried that I would not love Peyton as much as I did Avery. I loved her from the moment I found out I was pregnant, but it was different than with AVery. It is amazing how God works. The moment she was born it was like my heart grew. From that first cry I loved her just as much as I do Avery. I can't imagine life without her. Even when she was just a few hours old I couldn't imagine. It was like she was always here. She just fit in our family perfectly. I love both my girls so much. Right now it isn't so bad sharing the attention. Peyton still sleeps a lot so I give Avery my undivided attention when Peyton is asleep. That way when Peyton is awake I don't feel so bad doing things for Peyton. I do still play with Avery. Peyton LOVES to be held so I put her in my snugglie that way she is held close to my chest but I still have my hands free to play with Avery.
Avery is doing pretty well. She loves Peyton. She squeals everytime she sees her. She wants to help give her her bath, change her diaper, calm her down. She helps get things for me. When Peyton cries Avery gets beside her and pats, hugs and loves on her and says "it's okay peyton, I'm here". It is so cute. She is such a good big sister. She is still ver clingy to me sometimes. It is getting better, but she wants mommy to hold her all the time, mommy to sleep with her, to get her out of the car, play with her, etc. She has told me to not feed Peyton before so I could hold her. It is just an adjustment and she really is doing better than I thought she would. Yesterday she kept throwing a soft ball at me (we had played catch earlier), but I told her to stop because I had Peyton. I turned to talk to Chris. She threw the ball and hit Peyton on the top of her head. It didn't hurt Peyton (it was very soft and Avery can't throw that hard). She just looked up at me like "what was that" She didn't even cry, but Avery did. She did like being disciplined. She was not meaning to hit Peyton she was just wanting to play catch, but she still had to be disciplined for not listenting to mommy. It is just things like that. She wants to play or do something and she doesn't understand that we have to do things with Peyton sometimes. We can't just put Peyton down whenever she wants to play. We put Peyton down sometimes when Avery ask, but other times we tell her she needs to wait. We don't want Avery to think she runs us, but we don't want her to think that she is not as important to us as Peyton. We are still working on our new family of 4. We will always have room for improvement, but I do think we are off to a pretty good start. I am just so blessed and happy. Words cannot describe the joy I feel when I hold both my girsl or she Avery loving on Peyton. God has blessed me in more ways than I could ever ask. I have a wonderful husband, who I love very much, 2 beautiful daughters, health. He gives us everything we need and even things we don't need. He is always there for us. It is hard sometimes to see it, but looking at my family I Know that God loves me so much. I look at my family and I am over come with love and joy. I know there will be hard times. I know that as Peyton gets more awake and we start going out and doing things it will be harder. but I know that God will and has given me the strength and support I need to enjoy these times.