Monday, June 23, 2008

Swim Lessons

Avery started swim lessons on June 10. She is just a little over 2, but she loves the water. When we were at my parents the week before she was blowing bubbles, going under water for rings, and starting to kick. My side of the family (not sure about Chris's) were in the water from day one just about. We all were little water bugs so it was just natural to start Avery early.
The first day I was a little worried, she is 2 you never know which one of her personalities will show up. We did the safety talk and walked around the pool. We finally got in and the teacher wanted us to kick our legs (there were 2 other children in the pool that were around 3 1/2 to 4 so I was in the pool with Avery but the other mom's weren't since their kids were older). Avery did not want to do that. She fought and cried. She did not want to do anything. I was starting to think "Oh no she is not going to do anything". Then the teacher wanted them to blow bubbles in the water. That was the key! Avery immediatly stuck her whole face in the water and blew bubbles and continued. She loves to blow bubbles. That made her happy. It was funny she went from being the disrubtive student to the example (for that moment at least). At this age Avery has very little fear of things were as the older kids are a little more hesistant, which is good (since mine thinks that nothing is going to hurt her). The rest of the day was good.
So I not going to go through everyday because that would take too long. The swim lessons were Monday-Friday (1st week) and Mon-Thurs. (2nd week) an hour a day. Avery has really progressed. She now completley dives in and lets herself float. She was diving off the step the last day (now I have to teach her she is not super girl, yet she still needs help). She can float on her back for a few seconds and we put her under water and she kicks and paddles a little. She is doing great. I am so glad we did the class because it taught Avery a lot, but it also taught me what I should be doing with her. We are going to Schlitterbahn the middle of July so I am looking forward to putting a life jacket and taking her down some of the small rides. She is going to love it!!! She loves sliding into the water! I can't wait!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Little Gym

Avery loving on Addison

Officially a Doctor

Avery's Swimming Pool

The week of June 1 - June 6 Avery and I stayed at my parents because Amanda and Blake where there for the week before going back to Spokane for 5 years.
June 1 Chris and my dad got up at 4AM to go fishing. Have fun boys!!! Avery and I chose to sleep in until 8 (that is sleeping in in mommy world). We went swimming most of the day. Avery loves the water she is now starting to blow bubbles in the water. she will kick sometimes when we are carrying her and she will lay on her back briefly.
We had dinner one last time with our entire family:Mom, Dad, Amanda, Blake, Me, Chris, Avery, Mallory, Paul and Addison. It was nice to be together as a family again. Chris had to go back home to work.
The rest of the week was pretty much the same hanging out around the house and in the pool. Avery got really good in the pool. She completley puts her head under water, blows bubbles, can pick herself up when she falls underwater (they have a very shallow area in the pool which is great for Avery). She loved to blow bubbles with Aunt Meana. She would say "Aunt Meana blow bubbles" They would count to 3 and both blow bubbles. Then when she would leave Avery would yell "come back, come back meana". She also like for us to jump off the rock. "mommy turn jump off rock" she would say. We would stand on the rock and say count to 3. She would say 1, 2, 4. No matter how hard we tried to get her to say 3 she would say 4. I think now she thinks it's funny.
Avery loves being with Addison. She gets very concerned when she cries. She wants to check on her when she's asleep. She is already bossing her around. "I want Addie in toy" "I want Addie swim". It will be fun in a year when Addie is following behind Avery doing whatever Avery says. She will LOVE that.
Avery slept with me most the week just because it was easier. I am kind of paying for it, but not too bad. When it is time to go to sleep she says "I want Mommy sleep with Avery". That week she also decided to regress back to using baby spoons. Don't know she thinks it's fun. Addison doesn't use them so it's not because she sees Addie doing it. That is the only spoon she would eat with all week.
Thursday night we played games and celebrated my birthday. Friday we had a concert performed by Avery. She played (banged on the piano) singing at the top of her lungs "Mee mo mo" I don't know it most be a song she has learned somewhere because she stays in the same rhythym. Mom tried to take pictures and Avery screamed "NO"and put her hand up.
Then Amanda had to leave. I already miss her. It is going to be different not having her around. We are definetly going to have to go visit.

It's Doctor Now!!!

My brother-in-law did it. He graduated from medical school. He is now officially a Doctor!!!! Now I have another doctor I can bug with questions lol.
We left for Galveston on May 30 and finally got there about 4:00. We got into the hotel room and changed into our swim suits and headed across the street to the beach. Avery has been to the beach before, but not for a while. She loved it. She had no fear of it. I was surprised how far out she went. The waves would come and she would squeal and say "here it comes!", "nother wave". She didn't even mind the waves splashing her in the face. I was very impressed. She is a little water bug, but I thought the ocean might be too much for her. My younger sister and Addison went to the beach with us. Addie is about 6 months old, but she seemed to enjoy it too.
We didn't stay at the beach too long because we had reservations at 7:30 so we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up. Avery and Addie took a bath together (well Avery sat in the bath while we rinsed Addie off). We finally got to see the new doctor and his wife. We hadn't seen them since Easter. Avery still calls her Aunt Meana (Amanda) and Uncle Bake. She also calls Mallory Aunt Ma or Aunt Meow (don't ask how she came up with that name and if anyone needs to be called Aunt Meow it is Amanda, she's the crazy cat lady LOL).
We went to dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. Of course they sat us down right beside the silverware. Avery kept trying to go get more. My parents kept trying to get her to sit with them. She would have none of that. She wanted to sit on the other end next to baby Addie. After we ate she was getting restless so I took her outside where she proceeded to dance and walk up and down the train tracks (not used anymore) saying 1,2,4 (she skips 3, I don't know she learned 3, but now it is 1,2,4. Even when she counts 3 things it's 4 not 3). Amanda was brave she took Avery and Addison down the train tracks.
We got back to the hotel and Avery decided she was going to be a baby. She sat in Addison's car seat (head and legs sticking out) and then asked for a "flower" (pacifier). She got one and stuck in straight in her mouth. Chris then picked the carseat up with her in. She that was hilarious. She kept acting like a baby because she got attention. She was really cute though.
May 31 was Blake's graduation of course Avery didn't make it through the beginning. Daddy took her to the car and watched Mickey. We ate at The Spot were Avery took her shoes off and danced around the floor. Her feet where black, but she was happy.
We stopped at Chris's Aunt and Uncle's house on the way home. There two daughter, son-in-laws and grand daughter were there. Delaney (the baby) is about a month and a half old. She was precious. It was nice visiting with thme. Avery, daddy, and Uncle Robert went on the mule and looked around the property. Avery loved it. At one point the baby started to cry and Avery said "Baby crying" and stated that the baby needed a flower and nap.