Friday, September 5, 2008

belly at 20 weeks 4 days

Mommy and Avery

Boy or Girl

Tuesday September 2, 2008 was a big day for us. We got to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. We were so excited. We didn't care one way or the other as long as the baby was healthy. We got into the ultrasound and they said everything looks great. Then they told us that we were going to be having a girl!!! Wow we are going to have 2 Daughters!!! Little scary, but such a huge blessing that we are so thankful for. We were a little surprised we kind of thought we were haveing a boy, but girls are definetly great and fun so we were not at all upset to learn that Avery was going to have a sister, which is what she wanted anyway. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. My dad has 3 daughters and now he is going to have 3 granddaughters. He doesn't mind at all though, it's just kind of funny.
That evening we had a reveal party in which are families came over and we got to reveal to them whether we were having a girl or boy. We had everyone guess what we were having first. We tried to get Avery to tell them, but she didn't so I did. Everybody was happy. Having a girl does make it a little easier because I already know girls, we have all of Avery's old clothes and I already have the bedding picked out. Her name will be Peyton Alexis Winfield!!! We cannot wait to meet her, but I did tell her to stay in for about 18 more weeks and then make her appearance. We are truly blessed to be having our second child. It is such a miracle how babies come from nothing into this human being that is so complicated and so perfect. I think that that in it self proves there is a God. How could so many cells make exactly what they do? It is just amazing to me. I cannot wait to meet our little miracle. I am nervous about being a mommy of two, but I know with help we will make the transition.

The elephant

The Circus

Labor day my sister, Mallory, and I took Avery and Addison to the Shrine Circus that was in Tyler at the Oil Palace. I had been telling Avery about it. I told her she could ride an elephant. She really liked that idea. She came up with the idea that Addison could ride the horse. She would say "I ride elephant and Addie ride horse".
We got there about 30 minutes before the show started. Avery wasn't sure what to think about the clowns. They gave her a sticker and she kind of stepped back from them. We walked in and I think Avery was a little overwhelmed. She just stood their and wouldn't move. We saw the ponies that the children could ride (and when I say ponies they literally only com up to my waist). Avery said "No", but I walked her over anyways trying to talk her into it as we walked. She still didn't want to but I sat her on one of the horses any way. She clung to me. She had both her arms wrapped around my arm as tight as she could. I kept talking to her and telling her how the horse liked her, etc. Finally by the end she was sitting in the saddle straight and holding onto the saddle horn, but I don't think she was too upset about getting off either. We went and found some seats and sat down. Avery did not want to ride the elephant so we were just going to sit until the show started. All of a sudden Avery decided she wanted to ride the elephant. So Avery, Mommy and mommy's belly went and rode the elephant. As I sat on the elephant I just prayed that the elephant would not decide to listen to it's animal instincts. It was ironic becuase only the night before was I watching a show on animal planet called untamed and ucnut, where there was an elephant that went wild in a parade and killed his trainer and someone else. It was fun though. I had never ridden an elephant either so that was neat. The show finally started and Avery was glued to it. She watched it the entire time. Did not move hardly at all. I was a little surprised with how she liked it. When we were leaving Avery said "I want to go again" and almost everyday since she has said she wants to ride an elephant and go to the circus. She really enjoyed it.