Monday, May 19, 2008


While we were at the lake one of the men showed us a trick to get the worms to come out of the ground. You take two sticks and rub the together on the ground and the worms just pour out of the ground. It really worked. Within a couple of minutes we had a glass full of worms and there were still plenty more we could have gotten.

Our Family on the jetski

Don't worry. We didn't got above 15 mph. I wouldn't do anything that could hurt my two babies (I am including Avery in that), well I guess I should say my 3 (Chris) although I think he would be the one to hurt himself doing something crazy :)

Drifting Away

Trying to catch a fish


This past Saturday we went out to Lake Tyler. Chris and I have been taking a study called Crown Financial Study. It is a study based on God's perspective of money. It has really helped Chris and me. It is mostly stuff we have heard before, but never really studied what God really says about it or how it amplies to us. Our last meeting was Sunday so we had a get together out at one of the couples lake property. I was a little worried at first because Avery has no fear of the water and I was afraid that she would just try to jump in. She actually did very well. One of the men caught some fish to use to fish with, but they turned into Avery's and Sydney's entertainment (Sydeny was one of the other couples daughter she is just a few months older than Avery). They would just sit and watch the fish swim and then of course their hands went in after them. It was very fun to watch how excited they got when they caught one.
Avery kept wanting to get in the water and we kept telling her after we ate. So of course after we ate she wanted in the water. I gave that job to daddy. She borrowed their Dora life jacket and sat with daddy on a tub that was tied to the dock. She enjoyed it for a few minutes, but then was ready to get back on deck.
Chris, Avery, and I went on the Jetski. Avery sat infront of Chris and I sat behind him holding onto Avery;s jacket for dear life. She had a blast. Chris would slow down and ask "do you want to go slower or faster". Of course she said faster. She just had a huge smile on her face. She is defiently going to be adventurous. As long as she careful about it that is great. We really enjoyed the lake and the class. It was nice to meet the other couples. We really learned a lot about God's perspective about money. It really makes you see things differently. I think we are going to be a lot better off with taking this course.

This is FUN

I Need a Drink

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Mother's Day we spent the day with G-Mom and G-Dad (Chris's side) and the cousins. Avery likes to see the cousins because they keep her pretty entertained. Avery and I matched in our pink shirts and white pants (I normally don't do that). We spent the day outside. Avery tried to use the hammock that G-Mom got as a slide and trampolene. Anything that slopes downward becomes Avery's very own slide. We had a good mother's day.
Monday Avery and I tried to go to the zoo. That didn't work out so well. There were people everywhere. Avery was not able to really see because of all the people there so we left and went to Faulkner Park. They have a sprayground (it is basically like a big sprinkler). Avery was at first very timid about getting in the water, but after a while she was running through it. If I had some towels or a change of clothes for me I would have gotten in with her. It really looked like fun. Avery is now trying to drink water out of water fountains, hoses, etc. so she was trying to drink the water in mid air. She is so cute she just opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out! I don't think she gets much, but she will figure it out. I showed her how to step on one of the holes where the water comes out to stop the water then take her foot off and the water will start spraying again. She enjoyed that.
Wednesday we went to Gym (Avery's gym as she calls it). She really enjoys it. Most of the time she just likes to be a "monkey" and swing from the bar. She is almost able to bring her feet to the bar while she is hanging.
Thursday we went to G-mom-dad (as Avery calls them, guess it is just faster than saying G-mom and G-dad, pretty smart though if you don't have to use the extra words why do it). We were walking out the door and I said Avery do you want to go see G-mom and G-dad. Avery looked at me and said "and Cameron" (her cousin) and ran to the door. We had lunch with her oldest cousin and Avery rhode in Camerons carseat. On the way to the school Avery kept saying "No Cameron Carseat. I want Avery carseat." Of course when we left to go to there house she didn't want to ride with me she said "No I want Cameron carseat". So she rhode in Cameron's carseat to the house. That reminds me for the past few weeks we will be in the car and she will get upset and start saying "I duck, I duck". We couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. Then Chris asked her one day when she was saying that if she was stuck. She nodded her head yes with those big sad eyes that just almost makes you want to take her out right then. That is what she was trying to tell us. She was STUCK! "Now we say I know your stuck, but for right now you have to be stuck. Mommy and Daddy are stuck in there seats, too."
I am feeling great with my pregnancy so far, except I have noticed that I am tired a lot more. So I am trying to take a nap when Avery does or when she has room time (since she doesn't always feel she needs a nap). We are so blessed with everything the Lord has given us. It is amazing the things He gives to us. It doens't mean that there won't be hard times, but man the good times, they are good.

Big Sister

Our Family

Mommy, Daddy, Avery, and Baby

Good News Travels Fast

So we found out that we are expecting our SECOND child!!!!! We are so excited!! Avery is going to be a big sister. That will be interesting to see how she reacts to another baby in the family and having to share everything that she has not had to before. We are due in the middle of January. We just found out about a week ago so we spent Mother's day weekend telling our family. My two sister's were the first to find out and by the time I got out of the doctor's office word started spreading, but I don't mind at all. We are just so excited about God blessing us with another baby. I don't know how people can see a baby and not know that God exsist. A baby is such a miracle, a blessing from God. Just like with Avery we just pray that this little one is healthy and grows up to be a strong Christian and is happy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Always on the run

Photos are below today. A lot has been going on lately. Avery is keeping me very busy. She never wants to be sitting still. Friday May 4 Avery and I went to Athens so that we could go to Canton. We got to Athens and found out that a tornado hit Canton and there were tornado warnings all around Athens. We decided to wait for a little while before leaving. It cleared up and we left Avery at Mother's day out and went to First Monday. When we got back to the house with Avery she wanted to swim. It was pretty cold, but my dad got in with her. She loved it. She would sit on the edge of the pool and reached for my dad. He would grab her arms and swing her in the water. She would just giggle. She has really gotten pretty good at kicking her legs. We are hoping she will be able to float and swim a little with the arm floaties. She finally got out and we had dinner outside on the patio. Avery was distracted by all the things outside so she really didn't eat. She was so funny, my dad sat in her chair and she said "no popee my chair. Popee chair" and pointed to the chair he had been sitting.
Saturday we went to the park and had a picnic. There is a seat thing at the park that spins around. Avery wanted us to spin her around and around and around. She had so much fun. Then we went on a walk down a nature trail. Avery picked wildflowers as we walked. That evening we went to meet Mi Mi to eat.
Sunday my parents and Chris's parents came over to work on the swing set we have had since February. They got a good bit done, but there is still more to do.
Monday we went to G-mom and G-dad's house and visited with them. Avery played with the other kids. She enjoys playing with other kids, but of course she wants what she wants. She will say "Mine, or Avery's or Avery's turn". We haven't gotten the whole sharing thing down yet.
Tuesday Avery took her baby on a stroll. She got a stroller and she wanted to take the baby walking. So we walked down the street and Avery pushed her baby in her stroller. Then we met my mom and we went to Pump-it up (it is a place that has a bunch of moon-walks in it). She loves going there and playing. She goes down the slide over and over again.
Wednesday We had MOPS and played around the house.
I will write more later about the rest of the week.


Taking Baby for a Walk

This is FUN

Popee and Avery

Look at those little legs kick.

My Niece Addison

Isn't she cute!! Look at that smile.