Monday, March 9, 2009

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Happy Birthday Aver

Avery is turning 3 so we had her birthday at Faulkner Park on Saturday March 7. It was a Mickey themed birthday, request of Avery. She was so excited. There are several family members that have had birthdays the past few weeks so Avery was very confused when we talked about her party and being 3 but then someone else had a birthday. G-mom's birthday is a few days before Avery's. We told her we were having dinner with G-mom for her birthday she said "no, it's my birthday". Then when we sang happy birthday to G-mom Avery sat there pointing at her self saying Happy birthday to me.
Well we finally go to her party day. She was so excited. All she wanted was the cake and the presents. We just had family this year. It was a lot of fun. the kids played for a while then we had cake, which Avery stuck her finger in before we even took a picture. She was so happy when we sang Happy Birthday to her. After cake we opened presents. She is now quite the present opener. She has no trouble getting to the gift. She loved all her presents. The funniest had to be the googles. She opened them and wanted them on. So I put them on. She went to the playground and started playing with the google on. It was so funny. She got a lot of presents and she loved them all. Peyton did great. She was held the entire time so she was happy. After we got home she wanted all her presents opened. And we finally got some pictures of Peyton smiling although she has been doing it for a few weeks. It was a really good day. I can't believe she is 3!!!

Quick Recap

Okay so this Tuesday is a Big day for me! 3 years ago at 7:48 in the evening Avery was born and 8 weeks ago at 7:54 in the morning Peyton was born. Wow, I can't believe Avery is 3 and Peyton is 2 months! It seems like yesterday Avery was 2 months now she is 3 and I have a new little one that is 2 months! It is just flying by. The past few months have been very busy. It has been filled with lots of diaper changes, laundry, "mommy hold me", feedings, up in the middle of the night, but it has also been filled with lots more hugs, kisses, "I love you Mommy", smiles, laughs, and so much more. Having two definetly has its challenges but it is WONDERFUL. I love having my two girls. They are so much fun. Peyton is now smiling and she is pretty easy to get to smile. It is so sweet to watch her face light up when you start talking to her. She kicks her legs and arms and is beginning to laugh a little and coo. She is also starting to grasp at things. We are in the process of really trying to get Avery to pick up after herself that way when Peyton starts crawling Peyton won't have anything to grab and stick in her mouth which will make everyone happy (except Peyton, I am sure she would be very happy to find things to stick in her mouth). Avery is a great big sister. She loves all over Peyton, maybe a little too much. She loves to hug her, kiss her, rub her face or head, hold her hands. She is so funny when she talks to her. She will say "Good morning sweet girl" in a high pitch (copying me). You can tell what I say to her and Peyton by listening to Avery. Avery time Peyton cries Avery says "mommy she's hungry, you need to feed her". Of course most of the time she is right. She eats every 2 hours almost on the dot, but at night she is now waking up only 1 time. So I can take every 2 hours during the day for 1 time at night. The only time Avery has a hard time is when she wants me to hold her or all my attention and I just can't give it to her right then. I do try most of the time to put Peyton down, but Avery also has to be patient sometimes too. Peyton so far has been a great baby. She is very easy going and laid back. She really does not cry that much. She loves to be held, but she also likes her swing. She already seems to be entertained by Avery. She just stares at Avery. She really is a sweet baby. I have been extremely blessed with both my daughters and have a wonderful husband, family and friends to support me.

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