Friday, September 25, 2009

Avery Cut her Hair!

Yep Avery finally cut her hair! I knew it was just a matter of time. It's really not that noticeable if you don't know to look. She was cutting paper and the next thing I knew she was giggling and bent over Peyton (tickling her with the hair she just cut). She turned around and held out a handful of hair to me. I had to laugh. We discussed how we don't cut hair only paper and if you are not sure then ask mommy or daddy. Oh well it's just hair. At least she didn't get hurt or cut Petyon's hair (she doesn't have too much to cut so either she could have gotten cut or it would have really looked funny). That's our live, crazy but fun and loving every minute (just some more than others).


We left for Colorado on Wednesday, Chris and my mom left earlier and my dad and the girls and I flew to Amarillo where we met mom and Chris. The girls did great on the plane. we had to explian that this time we were only taking one airplane. My dad explained and pointed out a lot to Avery and she just soaked it all up. When we landed Avery laughed and gently yelled "weeeee, that was fun. I want to do it again." Then my dad asked if she could see Nonee, so Avery is darting her head back and forth between the two windows saying (enthusastically) "Nonee, Nonnee, where are you Nonee?" We got off the plane and we had to wait for a little while for mom and Chris. I put Peyton on her blanket but of course she didn't stay. I just let her crawl around the floor. Not exactly clean, but poor baby was going to be in the car seat for the rest of the night. We drove through the night and got there early Thursday morning. We hung out at the house. Friday mom, Avery, Peyton and I went for a hike. First we had a picnic where we were attacked by a chipmunk. Avery wanted to feed the chipmunk but we told her to wait until we were done eating. I had one leg on each side of the picninc table bench with Peyton between my legs feeding her baby food. I turned my head just a little and out of the corner of my eye I saw a chipmunk on the bench with me . I kindo of squealed and he ran off. I am not afraid of chipmunks it just took me by surprise. He did not leave us alone the rest of the time we ate. We went on our hike. At first Avery was not into it at all, but then when we started crossing little creeks and being trail blazers she got into it. We climbed and "Avery" sized boulder field, crawled over and under fallen down trees and enjoyed the beauty that was around, oh and Avery loved "playing" in the dirt. Both the girls did great!!!! Avery was having so much fun she was asking for us to take her picture and in the beginning of the hike she was very worried about getting dirty by the end she wanted to get dirty to show she was a real hiker! Peyton had the best seat! She got to enjoy the scenery without putting in the effort. I think she knew that too. She just grinned and laughed and kicked her legs the entire time! They did great! They will be little camping girls hopefully. Avery is asking us when we are going camping, like in a travel trailer or tent. Hopefully soon we will now that the wheather is starting to get cooler. Friday night we were sitting around the camp fire and I was cooking smores (no one else wanted any). Chris was holding Avery and she said "mommy don't eat all of them" very concerned. Chris said "yeah we don't want mommy to get fat" Avery sat there for just a second and innocently said "like you daddy"! HAHAHAHA! We all died laughing! Oh she is too funny! Saturday Mom, the girls and I took a drive. Oh it was absolutley beautiful!!! The aspens were beginning to change color, there was a gentle breeze in the air, oh it was perfect! We went in to Pegosa had lunch, shopped and then went to the hot springs. Peyton loved it! Avery loved water when she was a baby but not like Peyton. Peyton's arms and legs go 90 to nothin everytime she is in the water or thinks she is getting in the water. When I take her into the bathroom and turn the bathtub water on I can't move fast enough for her. I sit her in my lap while I take her clothes off and let the water warm up. She does everything she can to slide herself into the bathtub. The other day I started the water then had to get something from her room. Oh she was mad!!! She did not like me taking her away from the bathtub. She is very cute. Avery enjoyed it too, but she said they were too hot. The one we were in most the time was 92 degrees! She is her father's child when it comes to that. The colder it is the more Avery likes it! We watched the longhorns play and Avery and I played go fish. She is starting to get the hang of it. She likes playing games. Peyton of course was crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. Sunday Chris and I took a ride in the mountains just the two of us. It was very nice. So beautiful on top of the mountain looking down at the lake and trees with the clouds rolling in. After our joy ride we took Avery fishing. She enjoyed it (of course she does not actually have a hook on it, its a big plastic butterfly, but she still has fun). At one point she said "I got one" then a couple of seconds later a very disappointed "no I didn't get anything". She was precious. She hasn't quite got how to keep her finger down and then relesase as she is casting, but she will get there. Monday we drove back to Amarillo and mom, the girls and I flew back to Dallas. We got to Tyler at about 11pm and Chris got in at about 1:30. We had so much fun but were glad to be back to our bed mostly! Oh yeah the infamous bus ride. When we went to the airport to got to Amarillo with my dad the shuttle man was extremely rude. I was trying to find Peyton's pacifier and dad and the girls were already on the bus. He was in a hurry (even though there was no one else on the bus) apparently I was taking to long and her drove off without me!!! Not only that but Avery was standing up when he took off. She grabbed ahold of my dad. It really scared her, not that I blame her. The whole trip she talked about it and how mean the man was and she didn't like buses and she didn't want to ride another bus. When we rhode the bus on the way back the man was nice, Avery said so. It was scary for her, but it was a good learning experience about why we should always be nice and be nice to people whow aren't nice like God tells us to do. The closer I get to God the more I see teaching opportunities when I would have probably wouldn't have before. Although I wish Avery didn't have to go through it I hope that she learned that God wants us to be nice all the time and to everyone!n More pics below and more to come. My mom has most of the ones of the girls.

Avery rides her bike

Daddy's Birthday

Chris's birthday party was just our family! Avery decided she wanted to decorate for his birtday. She knew he like baseball so we did a baseball theme and even made him a baseball with the girls handprints on it. We had dinner, presents, cake, then went outside. The girls swung then Avery wanted to go down the slide. I slide Peyton down after her (holding her of course). Avery decided she wanted to slide with Peyton. Mommy wasn't tall enough so daddy got that job. They had so much fun! They are so cute!!!! Then we went inside we daddy "passed out" face first on the floor in the living room. The girls loved it though. They just crawled all over him. It was sweet. A great night celebrating daddy!


We had a blast in Spokane!! We are so glad that we got to go up and see Aunt Mena, Uncle Blake, Baby Renna and the kitties. The girls did great on the airplanes. We were very pleasantly surprised. We got to Spokane at 11 their time (1 am our time). Thursday we hung around the house until the afternoon when we went to a spray ground park. Avery had a blast running around in the water. The temperature outside in the shade felt wonderful, ecspecially compared to Texas. Peyton was just kicking those legs trying to get in. So I stood her up near one of the little fountains. BRRR that water was chilly, but Peyton didn't mind one bit (I knew Avery wouldn't). She just laughed and tried to get closer. At first she just kind of jumped up and down then she figured out how to take steps. Her first time to take steps (with me holding her hands) was toward water!!!! The girls loved it. They were so cute. We hung out at the house and visited that evening, so good to be with them again. Friday we went downtown and went to a park then to the children's museum. Avery and Peyton's favorite part was playing in the water. There was a little house made out of branch type stuff that Avery claimed as hers and began to clean. I guess she was imitating me, now only if she would do that at our actual house!
Saturday we went to a Peach Festival. It was so much fun. Avery got to ride a pony and Renna sat on one. Avery has gotten very good at riding on ponies. She is my child, she wants a horse!!!
We picked peaches. Avery had a blast, Uncle Blake and Daddy picked her up so she could pick them. She was loving the attention. Petyon was wided and looking around and Miss Renna was sacked out. Oh the things we can tell her when she is older! We also went to a big cat rescue center where you could actually feed one of the tigers (with a stick). Guess who wanted to do it? Fortuanlty you had to be 8 so that saved us from saying no. That evening Avery was walking up the stairs with Aunt Mena and said "your kitties don't like me" Aunt Mena tried to explain that they aren't used to kids, but she said "no your kitties don't like me" in this poor pitiful voice. Then Peyton attacked Renna!!! Avery of course is old enough to know to be gentle with Renna and she was doing great, loving on her , talking to her, but my wild woman thought that she would make a good toy. She wanted to touch and grab on Renna. We had Renna on her little play mate and Peyton was on the other side of the room. Before we knew it Peyton was right at the end of the play mate and she had grabbed one of the feet to Renna's PJs. She actually drug Renna for like 1/2 a second. Renna was fine (she may have even enjoyed it) but we grabbed her quickly then laughed. Peyton was disappointed that her play toy was taken away. Man that girl is strong. On Sunday we went for a hike. It was a nice hike. Avery wanted to hold Aunt Mena's had the whole time. It was sweet. She loves her Aunt Mena, Uncle Blake, Renna and kitties. The guys jumped in the water, but did not last long. Avery wanted to get it too. She got in up to her waist and decided it was too cold. That evening Avery made food for Aunt Mean a big plate of pine cones and pine cone needles! MMMM! Monday we went on another small hike then to a community pool. We went out to eat for our last night. It was sad! I miss them. I wish they were closer, but we will visit as often as we can. We had so much fun. Avery still talks about it and says "you go on 2 airplanes to get to Aunt Mena's" "I want to go to Schlitterbahn with Aunt Mena, Uncle Blake and baby Renna". Oh yeah then Tuesday we got up at 4 am so we could get to the airport! Fun!

Spokane Pics (several)