Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alto Fall Festival

Peyton on board

pics from the pumpkin patch

Daddy and his pumpkin

Going Off Road

Playing Catch up

okay so I have been really bad about updating. I have been so busy with Avery and getting things done that by the time I can get on the computer my husband is usually on and I just don't feel like it. So here is a quick update on everything since the last update. I went to the consingment sale a week after we found out we where having a girl and bought clothes for both my girls. I also bought a battery operated truck for Avery. She was excited about it, but she was concerned because there was no safety belt on it. We had to talk her into it being okay. Which is good that she wanted a safety belt on. She is a little to short still to really drive it real well. she has to sit on the very edge and she can barely get the gas. She also hasn't figured out the steering thing so she will be driving along and we have to steer her when she gets too close to something. She is really enjoying it though.
Avery has been excited about Halloween since we mentioned it at the end of September. She is Ariel the little mermaid for Halloween. She chose it herself. We asked her what she wanted to be and she said Little Mermaid. It is funny though because somebody will call her princess or monkey or something and she will tell you in a matter of fact voice "no I not princess (monkey or whatever) I'm Little Mermaid". She has a battery operated princess camera that talks when you take a "picture". The camera will say "you're as pretty as a princess" and she will tell it "I'm not a princess I'm little mermaid." It is cute. She is adoreable in her costume. We have a red wig but she won't wear it, but she is just as cute as she can be. We have gone to 2 halloween festival things so far. One in Alto with chris's family and the other with our church in Tyler. At the one in alto she wasn't too impressed with the games, but she did do them. She would walk up and place them where the bean bag, etc. needed to go. She didn't attempt to throw it. She had fun though. At the one in Tyler she didn't want to do the games at all. She just wanted the candy. We stood in line to play the games and Avery would get up to the front and just stand there. I had to tell her she had to play the game so she could get the candy. So she placed whatever on the table not even attempting. It was funny. She did like the fishing game. She actually tried to reel the "fish " in. She is so smart. She has never really been fishing but I guess she has seen it on Mickey. She also made a Hole in One at the golf game (with the help of mommy). I think that is pretty good because mommy can't play golf at all. So we did pretty good. We will go trick or treating on Friday.
We also went to the pumpkin patch. It was kind of quick. Avery was sleepy and it was hot. Avery wanted little pumpkins, but we couldn't find any so we finally just said Avery does this one look good. "yeah" and we would get it. She tried to pick them up but they were too big.
Avery now does the Hook'em Horns hand signal and says Hook'em Horns. It is so cute to here her say it. Sometimes it will be out of no where she says it. then of course sometimes we will try to get her to say or do it and she will say "NO not hook'em horns". The other day we were going to G-moms and we had to go to the house first to get clothes. As we pulled into to subdivision she said "I want to see G-mom". I said "we are but we have to go home and get clothes" She looked down and put her hand on her chest and said "I have clothes on". Then she also wanted milk to go to sleep with. I told her milk was for breakfast. She said "no milk is for sleeping. Chocolate milk is for breakfast."
My mom helped us plant a bunch of plants in our front yard this weekend. It looks so good. I can't wait until they grow some more and we are able to do the side of the house too since we have a corner lot. I just hope they do well. We have nothing but clay.
That is what we have been up to. I am doing well with the pregnancy. Peyton is moving all around and she doesn't have much room so sometimes it's uncomfortable. We can't wait to meet her (of course we can wait about 10 more weeks). Her room is coming together and I can't wait until it is completley done. It is so cute.
I will hoenslty try to do better!