Monday, January 5, 2009

Daddy and

All smiles


New Years

Wow!!! I am actually updating my blog fairly quickly. Let's see if it continues. Avery as I am sure you can tell loved Christmas and wanted to know when Santa was coming again. Eventually we had to take down our Christmas decorations. Avery was very sad to see our blow-up Santa go into the attic. There are still a few houses in our neighborhood that have their lights up still, but most of them have put them up. There is a blow up Mickey that someone has that Avery LOVES. She was sad to see that it was no longer there. She said "Mickey in their attic", that is where our santa is. She still says things occasionally about our santa, but has for the most part moved on.
We didn't really do a whole lot for New Years. We went out to eat, then got ice cream, and then got just a few fireworks. Avery was very excited about doing the fireworks. As soon as we got home she was ready to do the fireworks. We started off with sparklers. At first she didn't know what to do, but she got the hang of it quickly. We did a few sparklers, then did Roman Candles which Avery helped daddy hold. The a few fountains and some spinning things. Avery really seemed to enjoy it. She was very excited she got to hold the fireworks. THen we went in and took a bath and got in bed, unwillingly. Chris got on the computer to do his work and I did laundry. We just didn't do much this year. It is hard with little ones because I didn't want Avery to stay up until midnight so that limits what we can do, but it was fun.
Just about anytime now Miss Peyton may decide to make her apperance. I am so excited and a little nervous about how everyone will adjust, but I know it will be great. I cannot wait to meet her. I love being pregnant, but I am definelty ready to meet this little one. I believe we have everything all ready for her, now we just need her!! I just pray everything will go smoothly (we are having a C-section) and that we have a healthy baby. God has blessed us with these children I just pray I am doing an okay job. It is such an amazing and scary thing being a parent, but I love it so much. They bring so much joy and happiness into my life. It is hard at times, but nothing worth doing comes easily. So the next time I blog I should have BOTH my beautiful girls to write about.