Saturday, December 19, 2009


Oh Finally!!!! Aunt Mena, Uncle Blake and Renna wer down!!! So for about 2 1/2 weeks the Winfields were back and fourth betweeen Tyler and Athens. It was so good to see them. Renna has grown up so quickly. Avery did very well with Renna, of course Peyton thought she looked like a fun toy to play with, but for the most part she was more interested in what the big girls were doing, which was usually causing mayham. They spent a lot of time at V's house (Addi calls Avery V) which was under the piano. Avery decided when they were going to go to V's house (or she at least tried). They loved going into my parents bathroom and screaming. Let's see they also went skinny dipping in my parents pool (which is not heated). They went fishing with Uncle Blake. The funniest thing was when Avery called Renna (her mommy calls her Renna Benna) Render Bender. Too cute! Then of course there was the time that all the girls including the adult girls were on our parents bed because Avery and Addi told us that it was time for us to go to bed, hmm who runs this show? Then there is just watching the girls Avery in the lead, Addi right behind her, Peyton on her hands and knees going as fast as she can to keep up and Renna just looking on. There was the time also that the 3 bigger girls were all crawling around after each other. Or the time all 4 girls took a bath together. Can anybody say CHAOS!!! But we loved it and wish that they lived closer. Wonder how it will be with a little boy toddling behind the girls.

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